Word Alert: Daily Bible Verses App Reviews

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Absolutely love it!

Very well done app

God speaks & answers

I love this app ! God has answered/ spoken to me through this app so many times!! This app helps you train your spiritual discipline, furthermore focusing on the truth and looking up to God once a day, which sometimes has a big impact on your day and the way you feel during it. Thank u for this app it is a blessing !


Enjoy the app. Very good.


Spiritual awakening through daily scripture reading

Just what I was looking for

I came to the App Store looking for exactly what this app offers: an app thatll help me keep up with reading the bible, but without laggy ads or superfluous extra features. Thanks! Im so impressed that someones doing Gods work out there by providing this free app. You rock!


I LOVE that you can even pick the time you get your daily verse. Its my favorite notification of the day

Simply Beautiful

This app is beautiful, and so useful. I cant wait to get a daily notification for a verse. Its well put together, and works excellent. Highly recommend to anybody in search of some inspirational bible verses.

This app is blessing

This app is amazing. I would truly recommend it. The daily messages reminds me every morning to be faithful to my family, friends, and schoolmates.


This app gives me a daily reminder that each day is another opportunity to serve our savior. Everyone should have this on their phone!

I Love This app i get them befor school And it makes me feel si much better

Word Alert

I really love this app and helps me throughout the day of the year to let me hear the word of God because sometimes throughout the day I forget but when I look at the app it feeds my soul to keep moving forward and to keep seeking Gods word

Great App!!!!

Im just 12 years old and this app adds a great boost to your day, if you need it. Great app!!!!

Great app

Love, love this app!! Easy to use! And you can save your favorite verses!


I do not write reviews but I love this APP so much I decided to take a minute to share my joy. This app helps you to memorize verses with a little reminder during the day!!! Gods word is ALIVE. Its heals our bodys and souls!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you ☺️


This app has everything I want in a daily verse app. I have my daily verse set for after school which really helps me continue my day without stopping.

Love it

Love this app. Its very educational and it gets me ready for a long day a head of me. When I read my Bible verses and makes me feel like God is talking straight to me.

Daily inspiration

This is such an amazing app and every day it gives me just a little bit of inspiration Its a great and simple thing you can do every day to get closer to the Lord and I love this app -thanks

Great app

Great app but wish the background had a different picture for everyday or make it so you can upload your own background.

Allison C

Helps me get my day started .

Word alert

By far the best ap I have had

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